In the Midwest, the severe weather season is typically from May to late July or August and can bring tornados and hail that wreak havoc on communities.

Now that the severe weather season is upon us, it is a good time to look at how it can impact your commercial roof so you can be prepared.



If you have a well-installed roofing system, it should be able to withstand a little rain. However, if it is raining heavily for a long period of time it may cause damage to your roof. If you know a big storm is coming in check to make sure your drains are cleared so the roof can drain properly. After the storm, have the roof inspected and cleaned by a professional to look for any small leaks that may have popped up and get them fixed right away.


Wind is one of the main reasons for roofing issues. If the wind uplift is great enough it can cause an entire system to detach. Wind can also cause tears and punctures to the membrane from dislodged roof equipment or from flying debris. After a severe storm comes through you need to have it inspected right away to address any damage that may have been caused by the wind.


Hail often causes mostly cosmetic damage, but it can also cause punctures and tears in your roofing system that lead to water damage. Unfortunately, not much can be done to prevent hail damage to commercial roofs. However, certain membranes can withstand hail better than others. If you are in an area prone to frequent hailstorms you may consider talking with a professional roofing contractor to figure out the best membrane to protect your roof against hail.


No matter what type of roof you have or what material is on it, all commercial roofs at susceptible to damage during severe weather. The best way to protect your building is to have a reputable contractor, like Independent Roofing, perform inspections after a severe storm and make repairs to any damage right away.