Some people enjoy DIY projects and fixing their homes on their own.

DIY projects can save you money and give the satisfaction of completing a project on your own home. While there are many different projects you can complete around your home on your own, roofing may not be one of them. Unless you are a professional roofer, you probably do not have the right knowledge to properly complete the job.


Below are some reasons why you should consider calling a professional for any of your roofing needs.

Safety Issues

Roofing is a dangerous job and falling from a ladder or roof can result in extreme injury or even death. A roofing professional will follow OSHA guidelines and use proper safety equipment to ensure the safety of everyone on your roof. You may lack the proper safety training and equipment that a professional will have. Professionals must also consider manufacturer standards, industry standards, and local building codes for safety.

No Experience

Roofing systems are complex and not easy if you do not have the right experience and knowledge. There are many layers in a roofing system that need to be laid out. These layers need to be connected and laid properly so they can work together. Professionals are trained on installing these components properly. Professional contractors may also have to be certified by the state to be allowed to work on any roofing projects. Some contractors will even get manufacture certified to further their knowledge beyond what is required. All this training and certification allows professionals to properly protect your home and help spot issues you may not have noticed on your own.

Ruining Curb Appeal

A roof is key to a home’s curb appeal, so it is important to make sure it looks good. Professionals must consider not only function but also appeal. It takes practice to install a roof that will look good and if you do not have the proper skills, you may not be able to install a roof that is aesthetically pleasing.

Voiding Warranties and Insurance

Home insurance will likely not cover any damage that you cause by walking on the roof. Reputable roofers will return to fix any damage or mistakes that may have made for no cost. Professionals also have insurance, so you have the protection of their insurance as well. When you use a professional roofer, they often provide a limited warranty for labor and the product manufacturer will provide a warrant for product defects. If you go DIY, you will not be covered by the roofer’s warranty and you may also void the warranty from the manufacturer as many require that professionals install their products.


Overall, its best to hire a professional roofer instead of attempting to fix your roof yourself. Hiring a professional may cost more, however, it will likely save you money as they will get the job done the right and safe way.