Low Slope

Today many homes have low-slope roofs included in their design, for both style and functionality purposes. When choosing a company to do work on your low-slope roof on your home it is extremely important to consider their experience in dealing with the specific challenges low-sloped roofs present. With over 94 years of experience in the roofing industry, Independent Roofing Company has a team of experts that can help you with any of your home’s low-slope needs. Our customer’s satisfaction is our main concern; the smallest garage roof is just as important to us as a huge mall project. We will work with you to understand your roofing needs and help you choose the best solution for your home.

Some products to consider when choosing the best fit for your home include:

  •  Built Up
  •  Modified Bitumen
  •  Single Ply
  •  TPO
  •  PVC
  •  EPDM (Rubber)
  • Specialty Garden Vegetative Roofing Systems

Independent Roofing Company is dedicated to providing the highest quality of roof possible to all of our clients. Our commitment has allowed us to be the honor of many awards including:

  • Firestone Quality Award Winner 1996-Present
  • Sika Sarnafil project of the year award in 2007
  • MRCA McCawley award winner in  2008
  • MRCA member since 1951