Independent Roofing Company was founded by Arthur Kersawe in 1919. IRC was primarily a residential roofing company for the first 30 years, and then Robert Dreibus, who was Mr. Kersawe’s son-in-law, joined the company. Robert started doing some low slope commercial and industrial roofing. Mr. Kersawe was visiting Germany in the late 1950’s, while he was overseas he passed away. Robert Dreibus took over the company, and purchased the interest of Margaret Dreibus’ sister and incorporated the company in Nebraska in 1959. On January 1, 1976 A. B. ‘Bud’ Padon purchased IRC form Robert Dreibus. In the years following IRC increased the commercial and industrial roofing and residential roofing became a smaller portion of the overall revenues. Today IRC is the oldest roofing contractor in the Omaha Metro Area and ranks among the largest roofing contractors.