2020 has been an unusual and difficult year for many people.

Due to COVID-19 many business owners and homeowners have had to reallocate their finances, resulting in the pause, or canceling of projects for their buildings and homes.

One major project people have had to pause, due to budget concerns or for self-isolating, is roof repairs and reroofs to their homes and businesses. While roof repairs and reroofs may seem like a logical thing to ignore to save money in these unprecedented times, you may be causing more damage to your home or business. The stress from COVID-19 is enough without the added stress of a small roofing projecting leading to a much larger problem.

Why you should not put off your roofing project because of COVID-19:

Ignoring a small roof leak can lead to more severe and expensive damage. Further damage to the roof can result as well as damage to the interior of the building. Roof leaks and damage can lead to the growth of mold and mildew which can cause health issues for those inside the building or home and now more than ever it is important for people to remain as healthy as they possibly can.

New Safety Measures for Independent Roofing:

We know that for many people, putting off roof repairs is not just for financial reasons, but for safety reasons. That is why we have made changes to the way we do work and how we work with our customers to eliminate the risk of spreading COVID-19 in our community. Below are a few of the new safety measures we have implemented to keep you and our employees safe.

  • Practicing good hygiene. This includes washing hands often and using hand sanitizer, wearing masks always and staying 6 feet away from people when we can, additional cleaning procedures of our vehicles, surfaces, and tools, and staying home when feeling sick.
  • Communicating with our customers via phone and email as much as possible and wearing masks and keeping a 6-foot distance when we meet our customers in person.
  • Providing estimates to our customers virtually via email and online.
  • Following all CDC guidelines and recommendations.


We know that many people have had a difficult and stressful year financially and investing money into your roof might not seem practical right now. However, putting off your roofing project will only lead to a more expensive and stressful project for your business or family.

At Independent Roofing Company our number one priority is the safety of our employees, customers, and community. By implementing our new safety measures, we can keep our doors open so we can continue to help our customers maintain their businesses and homes so they can prioritize their health.